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Anthelmintic Herbs

Anthelmintic Herbs

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Anthelmintic are a specific type of antiparasitic herbs that expel parasites or worms from the body by either stunning or killing them. Parasites or worms can be the cause of intestinal discomfort such as bloating, gas and chronic constipation. They can also infest the skin, in cases such as scabies; and the scalp in cases of ringworm.

Anthelmintic herbs are often combined with laxatives. If overused, these herbs can create serious health concerns. The more effective an herb is on internal parasites, the harder it tends to be on the body. Herbs containing thujone, for example, wormwood and tansy, can be toxic if overused. Gentler herbs like garlic and agrimony are easier on the body but generally take longer to work.

A parasitic infestation should be taken seriously and a qualified health practitioner should be consulted. Do not use any herbs if you are pregnant or nursing without the consultation of a qualified health practitioner.

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