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cardiogram Sexual

SISTERS, HAVING DIFFICULTY REACHING THE CLIMAX? Are you having difficulty climaxing? Don’t fret. There is nothing wrong with you! You are experiencing a bodily dysfunction which is completely treatable. In this article, I cover this topic in detail complete with natural remedies you can try at home. I recommend you read the entire article to get an in-depth understanding of what is happening to your...

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Do You Think Your Child Has Worms? Children Health

DO YOU THINK YOUR CHILD HAS WORMS? Gross as it may be, this is an important topic! Worms inside human bodies are more common than you think. Though worms can infect people of all ages, children are more susceptible to getting them. These infections are caused by a group of parasites, including roundworms, whipworms, and hookworms that are transmitted through soil and water. If these...

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DO YOU PICK YOUR SKIN ? Adolescent Health

DO YOU PICK YOUR SKIN ? Do you bite your fingers? Do you have scabs on your fingers from pulling on the skin? Do you have stubby nails from biting them? Is the skin around your nails gnawed? If you are nodding your head to any of these, you may have a condition called Skin Picking Disorder (SPD). It is more common than you think....

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