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O you who believe! Eat of the good things that We have provided for you and be grateful to Allah, if it is Him that you worship. (Quran Al-Baqarah:172)


“Tea is a marvelous elixir of health that has the capacity to prolong human life. Most medicines treat only a single ailment, but tea is a panacea for all ills.”-Japanese proverb

It is certainly a bold statement but not unfounded one. I certainly can vouch for the fact that when I sit with a steaming cup of aromatic tea, half of my troubles and dissolved before the first sip!

In this section, you will find teas listed under the body systems for which they are the most beneficial. The purpose is to help you save time and go to exactly what it is you need.

Hope you find your herbal love HERE that makes you feel great in your quietest moments!